WMFS – Warmia and Mazury Art Foundation

Warmia and Mazury Art Foundation

Objectives of the Warmia and Mazury Art Foundation

  1. Conducting activities for the development, protection and promotion of broadly understood culture, art and science.
  2. Building cultural bridges enabling the society to learn about the richness of world cultural heritage and the free exchange of creative and artistic experience between different regions of the world.
  3. Promotion of universal values ​​of culture, art and science.
  4. Undertaking and supporting initiatives for the development, protection and promotion of regional cultural heritage in the country and abroad.
  5. Promoting and developing social artistic initiatives.
  6. Popularization of culture, art and science in wide social circles.
  7. Editing and publishing various materials and publications on subjects lying within the scope of the objectives of the statute.
  8. Supporting the activities of contemporary artists and artistically gifted children and youth, and their promotion in the country and abroad.
  9. Promoting and protecting old culture and art.
  10. Training and consultancy in the field of culture, art and science.
  11. Promotion of the region of Warmia and Mazury in Europe and around the world.
  12. Cooperation with organizational units, associations and other foundations regarding the dissemination of culture.
  13. Acquisition of funds for the establishment and operation of the “Chocolate Art Gallery” in Ostróda.
  14. Activities for the public good in the fields of ecology and tourism, science, education, human rights and other important social needs.
  15. Promoting the idea of ​​slow life and slow food, living in harmony with nature.
  16. Charity activities.

Paintings by the participants of the International Open Air Painting “Colors of Ostróda” October 3-12, 2017.