Get the most respected truckload discount technology in the business, with predictive analytics that assist make the uncertainty away from freight.

Get the most respected truckload discount technology in the business, with predictive analytics that assist make the uncertainty away from freight.

With well over $110 billion value of yearly discount data, DAT iQ life likely the most usually total cargo rate data, so its possible to anticipate temporary fashions while making quick pricing options.


DAT RateView

The industry typical in trailer rates
  • Increase your fuel to apply straight to the anticipate with Ratecast Enhanced
  • Put openness atlanta divorce attorneys cargo marketplace and each lane
  • By far the most updated info on place market and acquire costs
  • Multilane data for RFP offers

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DAT RateView

  • Assess area and contract rate for recent 3 times
  • Truthful market predictions with Ratecast
  • Multi-lane reviews for RFPs
  • Read a 13 period predict summarized for location and acquire

Facts Analytics Solutions

Personalized observations for business-critical actions

The DAT iQ sources create detailed historic and predictive information on every sector each and every transportation street in the usa. With facts recovered through the DAT One freight program, and the industry-leading shipment costs ideas and data art professionals, our very own specialty records statistics service can tailor any report to help point your very own decision-making, from supply and need experience within the sophisticated forecasting brands present in Ratecast.

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Data Analytics Facilities
  • Assess styles that drive place and acquire pricing
  • Check out interest vs. convenience of every shipping sector
  • Accept info records or entry to graphic exhibits
  • Determine surfacing horny opportunities and look for seasonal styles

DAT Trendlines

Free of charge regular document on nationwide developments
  • Upgrades on nationwide regular numbers for vans, reefers and flatbeds
  • Recaps associated with offer and requirements styles from preceding days
  • Often reported by walls route newspaper, businesses Insider, financing period and far more
Wherea€™s the Data Result From?

DAT offers the worlda€™s greatest on-demand shipment swap, hooking up shippers and companies with motor carriers.

DAT supplies the worlda€™s premier on-demand freight trade, joining shippers and carriers with motor carriers. Wea€™ve also built the most important shipping charges data, obtaining critical information from true charges between dealers, shippers, and providers.

Bad reactions on these listings present strong insights into location marketplace and deal transport styles, including alterations in ability, want, and costs. We offer personalized research in our personal DAT Analytics providers, together with every week improvements on current shipment fee styles on DAT Trendlines and our cargo conversation ideas

Why Is DAT Cargo Costs More Trustworthy?

The Deepest facts: the DAT RateView website is created on about $110 billion in cargo transfers on a lot more than 68,000 lanes, with benefits from assortment organizations. No body else keeps a pricing list as deeper as that a€“ and ita€™s not really shut down.

Essentially the most updated: Contributing companies give us her data when therea€™s a rate contract. That information is sent to all of us immediately through the company’s vehicles management system, or transferred via FTP. Any accessorials rates is changed quickly.

Probably the most appropriate: our personal database connects rates to 149 different important market countries in America, and customers can browse that data with details as particular while the primary 3 digits with the postcode. More cargo charges listings obtain data determined a geographic radius, which renders an inaccurate photo of the charge since markets.

Perfect procedures: the prices only consist of SIGNIFICANT transactions a€“ no bids or asking prices, which could skew the data. Most people also dona€™t use records from factoring providers, which often comes from companies that might have been much more ready to accept lower charge. Our very own branded tasks also get rid of outliers, with the intention that customers merely see a true marketplace medium for a lane, though they’re able to however see the array of rates remunerated on that isle.